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Timber Talk 1/9/2017

Posted By Gayla Fleming, Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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Important Notice: OFA's local 614 area code phone and fax numbers are changing! The new phone number will be 1-888-38-TREES (888-388-7337). The new fax number will be 740-452-2552. Please update your records accordingly and change any speed dials you might have set up for us. The 614 numbers will be disconnected effective May 1!

OFA Annual Meeting Coming Soon! March 1-2, 2017
Keep your eyes out for a flyer coming to your house or business very soon announcing the OFA Annual meeting schedule, registration options, and sponsorship opportunities. This year’s agenda includes tours of two locations, a great slate of speakers/presentations that shouldn’t be missed, and all the other usual activities.View the complete schedule of events here.  On-line registration will be open by 1/16/2017
Forest Markets Weekly Newsletter
The National Association of State Foresters' Forest Markets Committee releases a Weekly Newsletter full of all things Forestry and Forest Products Industry related. Each week’s newsletter has articles about: Forest Markets, Housing, Working Forests, New Products and Technology, and Renewable Energy. This week’s edition includes an article highlighting the advances in wood construction entitled "2016: The Year in Wood Construction”. See the complete newsletter here.
Are You a Crosstie Manufacturer?
If you are in the crosstie manufacturing arena, then you probably are already receiving the Rail Tie Association’s "Crosstie Magazine”. If you are not, or would like to keep up on all things dealing with this industry segment, the magazine is now on the web in a digital format and can be viewed here
E. B. Miller Memorial College Scholarship
Do you know a student going into, or currently studying, in a forestry related college program? If so, they should apply for the E. B. Miller Memorial Scholarship that is awarded each year to s deserving student by the Ohio Forestry Association Foundation. This award has been as much as $2000 in the past. The deadline for applications is April 15, 2017. Click here to learn more about the scholarship, and to apply.
Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Dominates Wood News
It seems that every time I open up an industry magazine, or receive an emailed newsletter, there is at least a couple articles in it about the benefits and advances in CLT construction. The January edition of the Great Lakes Timber Processors Association (GLTPA) magazine has several articles. Their website and magazine can be accessed here. The BuiltWorlds website also has some interesting CLT articles. More information, articles and upcoming events surrounding CLT construction can be found here, the home of the Wood Products Council.

Brad’s Safety Topic: Icy Entryways
When people discuss the safety issues dealing with icy surfaces, they usually talk about sidewalks and roadways. One area that is often overlooked is the transition area between the clear, dry areas and the wet, icy, or snow covered slippery areas; the Entryways. Following are 5 key safety issues surrounding these ideas. Use these pointers to keep you, your family, and your employees safe at home and at your business.

  • Visibility
    • Visibility often changes at an entryway
    • You may suddenly go from a dimly lit room or building into near blinding sunlight
    • You may go from a well-lit room or building into the darkness of nighttime
    • In both of these cases, your eyes may be drawn away from the task at hand of watching what the condition is of the surface that you are about to step onto
  • Causes of Icy Conditions
    • Freezing rain can build up at a non-covered entryway
    • Water forming a puddle in an entryway, then freezing
    • Snow in an entryway being packed down by traffic till it becomes ice
  • Engineering Controls
    • Correct water drainage issues from roofs, gutters, downspouts and surrounding surface areas so that water does not puddle in entryways
    • Use awnings and other methods for covering the transition area to give a person’s vision time to adjust to the change in environmental conditions
    • Use heated surface areas such as concrete heat mats. (Be aware that snow and ice melting from these surfaces may refreeze when the water runs onto a colder surface)
  • Treatment of Icy Conditions
    • Use approved salts and chemical de-icers to melt ice.
    • Spread sand, cinders, kitty litter or other abrasive substances on ice to increase traction
    • Shovel loose snow to prevent packing into ice
    • Place duckboards, carpet runners, or rugs over icy areas that people must traverse on foot
    • Control landscaping around entryways to allow for the maximum amount of winter sunlight to hit the entryway surface areas
  • Be Alert and Prepared!
    • Wear footwear appropriate for the environmental conditions
    • In icy areas, walk slowly taking small steps
    • Keep both hands out of your pockets to help with balance
    • Use hand rails if available
    • Stop and let your eyes adjust to the changing light conditions before proceeding

Needed: OFA Conservation Award Nominations
OFA’s Winter Annual Meeting, March 1-2, 2017, will be upon us before we know it. At that time, we like to recognize individuals who have been outstanding in their fields, activities, or efforts in five areas that OFA considers important to the overall success of forestry and the forest industry in Ohio. These five areas and corresponding awards are as follows:

Outstanding Individual in Government Service - For outstanding effort in the field of forestry-related conservation work.
Outstanding Individual in Industry - For outstanding work by an individual in the forest or wood products industry.
Outstanding Individual in Private Service - For outstanding work in private service in the area of forestry.
Outstanding Logging Activist - For outstanding promotions of logging and/or the Ohio Master Logging Company Program.
Outstanding Individual in Conservation Education - For outstanding effort in the field of conservation education.

If you know someone deserving of one of these awards, please contact us at the OFA office, or better yet, go to the following Annual Meeting nomination form link on the OFA website, and fill out and submit the nomination form on the bottom half of the page.

Upcoming Events:

  • SOLC Chapter Meeting – 1/10/17 – Lucasville, Ohio
  • MVLC Chapter Meeting – 1/11/17 – 7:00 PM, McConnellsville, Ohio
  • SVLC Chapter Meeting – 1/19/17 – 5:30 PM, Bergholz, Ohio
  • ECOLC Chapter Meeting – 1/23/17 – Millersburg, Ohio
  • Industry Exhibit Opening Reception at OSU Thompson Library – 2/1/17 – 3:30 -5:30 PM, Columbus, Ohio
  • NWOLC Chapter Meeting – 2/7/17 – 6:00 PM, Findlay, Ohio
  • SEOLC Chapter Meeting – 2/8/17 – 7:00 PM, Jackson, Ohio
  • NWOLC Chapter Meeting – 2/14/17 – 6:00 PM, New Carlisle, Ohio
  • SRVLC Chapter Meeting – 2/8/17 – 7:00 PM, Wakefield, Ohio

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