Ohio Tree Farm
Ohio Tree Farm - Bringing more woodlands under management and keeping them there.

What the Ohio Tree Farm Program IS . . .
Simply put, the Tree Farm program is about sustainable forest management.

Over 60 years ago it was recognized that the American private forestland owner holds one of the most valuable renewable natural resources in the world. Despite this value, there was not much being done to help these families manage their woodlands.

The Tree Farm Program was formed in 1941 to teach and encourage better forest management and to recognize those who practice good stewardship.
The FOUR areas of focus on well-managed Tree Farms are:

    Wood production
    Wildlife habitat
    Water quality

When a forest is properly taken care of, it will improve the quality of all four of these objectives at the same time. Every Tree Farmer prioritizes these objectives differently, but they all are part of their management plans.

Program Offerings:
The Tree Farm program in Ohio publishes The Ohio Woodland Journal, recognizes the State's Outstanding Tree Farmer of The Year, hosts the annual Tree Farm Tour, and holds the Annual Tree Farm Luncheon.

Additionally, the Tree Farm program participates in many educational activities throughout the State each year.  Tree Farm's Inspecting Foresters volunteer to help re-inspect the State's Certified Tree Farmer to update management plans and verify they continue to meet the American Tree Farm System Standards of Sustainability. 

Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry The Ohio Forestry Association