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What the Tree Farm Program is Not...

We receive many inquires about other tree-related questions that are not a part of the Tree Farm Program.

The TWO most common misdirected questions are those regarding Christmas tree production and nursery trees.

For Christmas trees, consider contacting the >> Ohio Christmas Tree Association.

There are 2 types of nurseries:

Seedling nurseries produce small seedlings, mostly for reforestation purposes.  Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Forestry is Ohio's largest producer of bare root seedlings.

Other nurseries produce trees for landscaping purposes. The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association is an organization representing these types of nurseries.

Others contact the Tree Farm Program expecting that this will give them a property tax reduction.  While Tree Farm properties may qualify for property tax reduction programs, there is no relationship between the Tree Farm Program and property taxes.

To learn more about the Ohio Forest Tax Law, visit the Ohio Division of Forestry web site.

With questions concerning the state's CAUV program, contact your county auditor.