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Northern Long-Eared Bat News and Update.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS) has proposed that the Northern Long-Eared Bat (NLEB) be listed as an endangered species because populations are reportedly declining due entirely to a disease called White Nose Syndrome (WNS). NLEB is found in 39 states and Canada with Ohio situated in the middle of the range. The proposed listing of the species as endangered could have profound impacts on owners of forest land and the forest products industry. During summer months, NLEB roosts in trees of many species and conditions and because of this, the recommended management actions by USF&WS could significantly restrict specific timber harvesting and other tree removal activities during summer months. Without WNS, NLEB has thrived in managed forests and forest management activities have never been identified as threats to the bat. In fact, it may be that regular management activities may be a benefit to bat habitat. You can read more about the bat in a 2-page summary drafted by the Forest Resource Association. 

The final decision by USF&WS on whether the bat is listed as endangered will take place by April, 2015. In the meantime, it is important to continue providing feedback to USF&WS and letting our elected officials know our concerns with a potential listing.

OFA is working with a national coalition of forestry and forest products organizations to provide feedback to USF&WS. You can do the same by providing feedback on-line or through the mail. USF&WS has directions on how comments can be given. You can do so on-line or through the mail.

You can also contact your Congressional Representative or Senator to let him or her know that the listing can have a major impact on your land or operations.

The American Forest & Paper Association is teaming up to provide our members information on issues before the U.S. Congress that affect this industry. Every day decisions are made that impact jobs and economic growth in forest products communities across the nation, and this site makes it easy to get involved and stay connected. Grow the Vote also allows you to Take Action on these hot issues and send letters to your Members of Congress with only a few clicks of your mouse!

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