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Chainsaw Training
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 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic sharing of PPE will no longer be allowed. Each class registrant must provide their own chaps, eye and ear protection, construction grade hard hat, cut resistant boots.

October 23, 2020 - Scioto Trail State Forest - Master Logger Certification Class -Professional Loggers Only Please.

These are 8 hour classes for professional loggers seeking to become certified Master Loggers. Others will be accepted into the class if space allows. If you are not working toward your Master Logger Certification, please call 888-388-7337 to determine availability. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEIR OWN PPE (CHAPS, CONSTRUCTION GRADE HARD HAT, EYE AND EAR PROTECTION, CUT RESISTANT BOOTS, GLOVES)

Custom Chainsaw Training Tailored Specifically For You!

The Chainsaw Safety Awareness that Works (CSAW) program was developed by the Ohio Forestry Association, Inc. in 2008 with assistance from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry, Bryan Equipment, & Glatfelter (now known Pixelle Specialty Solutions).

The program offers two main classes, identified as CSAW Level 1 and CSAW Level 2. Generally, participants will take the Level 1 class first before taking Level 2. Certificates of Completion for CSAW Level 1 and CSAW Level 2 will be provided for participants after they have completed the class.

For a group of participants wanting a specialized course, the program can also present a CSAW Custom Class, with certificate.

For participants of any CSAW Level 1 or Custom Class that does not complete the required “hands-on” portion of that class, a certificate will be provided for “Introduction to Chainsaw Operations”, indicating that the participant has gone through the PPE section, the Pre-Start Safety Checklist, Starting the Chainsaw section, Chainsaw Reactive Forces section, and the Pre-felling Plan and Considerations section.

Usually, the CSAW Level 1 and CSAW Level 2 classes are each conducted as a 1-day, 8-hour class. However, it will be recommended for groups of certain sizes and participant experience levels, to take the CSAW Level 1 class as a 2-day, 16-hour class to maximize the experience that the participants will get, becoming accustomed to using the saw, prior to actually felling a tree.

A 4-hour “Custom Class” with a cutting demonstration only (no hands-on chainsaw operation for participants) can also be arranged which includes the “Introduction to Chainsaw Operations” certificate.

Each class is taught one of our group of professional instructors that have received extensive training themselves in proper chainsaw safety, use, maintenance, and proper cutting and felling techniques.

For more information on these classes, contact the Ohio Forestry Association, Inc. at 888-388-7337.

CSAW Level 1 - An 8 - 16 hour class with a lecture portion and a hands-on portion. Each participant in this class will fell a tree under the supervision of an instructor. This class focuses on:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Pre-start Safety Checklist
  • Chainsaw starting, parts and maintenance
  • Proper tree felling techniques and procedure including:
    • Chainsaw reactive forces
    • Pre-felling plan and considerations
    • Open face notch
    • Bore cut
    • Hinge
    • Felling forward, backward and side leaning trees

CSAW Level 2 - An 8 hour class with a lecture portion in the morning and a hands-on portion in the afternoon. The primary focus of Level 2 is to advance the skills of felling trees that participants were taught in level 1 by learning the safest techniques for topping and limbing trees. This class often involves dealing with the safety hazards that are created when a tree is felled, such as spring poles.
*****Participants must complete CSAW Level 1 prior to taking Level 2.*****

CSAW Custom - A 4 hour class designed to cover the same indoor lecture topics as Level 1 but not as indepth on each topic. This class is geared toward landowners, volunteers and people who need the skills to saw felled trees. CSAW Custom can be tailored to a specific group's needs. This class meets
the requirements to operate a chainsaw as a volunteer on Ohio State Forest Lands. All participants must provide their own PPE (chaps, construction grade hard hat, eye and ear protection, cut resistant boots).

Weather Statement  - Classes are not cancelled due to weather; however, OFA reserves the right to change or modify the curriculum according to instructor judgment for any weather-related or other safety concern.

See our event schedule for
a list of upcoming classes.

WOW!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC class that was. The instructor was obviously EXTREMELY knowledgeable and experienced, and he worked hard at not only sharing his knowledge but also querying us as to what we wanted to learn. It was a GREAT day. If the class is presented again, I will plan on attending.  Schroeder - CSaw Class Attendee

Check the event schedule periodically as more classes will be scheduled throughout the year.

The Chainsaws used by our instructors are sponsored by:

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